Creator of Grand Designs wins backing of Greenbird

Greenbird Media has given financial support to Pi Productions, which is associated with John Silver who created Grand Designs. Pi Productions has

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Furniture designer presents at Grand Designs Live

Anneliese Bates, the owner of an company that sells upcycled furniture, has taken the opportunity to present her work at a major home design exhibition. Bates has previously put her

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Horticultural expert teams up with Grand Designs Live

A designer of gardens called Jack Dunckley has been working at the Grand Designs Live exhibition in London. Television star Kevin McCloud has

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Grand Designs Australia receives prize nomination

The Australian version of Channel 4’s homebuilding show Grand Designs is in the running for one of the Sunburnt Country’s most prestigious television honours. Grand Designs Australia (GDA) is all about people creating and

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New home programme from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

A television show called Laurence’s Extraordinary Ordinary Houses has recently been aired on BBC Wales. The programme places an emphasis on

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My Grand Design show could inspire self-builds

A piece of land in Bicester is likely to become widely recognised as Channel 4 plans to use it in a construction programme. The show intends to view

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