Greenbird Media has given financial support to Pi Productions, which is associated with John Silver who created Grand Designs.

Pi Productions has developed strength in factual entertainment, and Grand Designs has been a long-running Channel 4 programme that has given ideas to many homeowners in large swathes of the country. Silver has told Broadcast:

“I want Pi to be all about brilliant ideas, brilliant shows and brilliant people.”

Greenbird Media has obtained a stake in Pi Productions which has yet to be disclosed to the public. Stuart Mullin, a director for Greenbird Media, has praised the work of Silver, and has made the point that the various creations of Silver have become familiar with viewers. He has gone so far to say that programmes such as Grand Designs have become staples of popular culture.

Silver also boasts a track record in producing property-related programmes that are different in conception from the Grand Designs format. He has created ‘Help! My House is Falling Down’ and ‘Double Your House for Half Your Money’. Both of these television programmes have featured in the schedule of Channel 4. In addition, Silver was behind the making of the Channel 5 show ‘Build a New Life in the Country’, all of which has no doubt led to business for providers of home extensions in Cheshire and other proud counties.

Pi Productions has now entered into a financial relationship with BBC Worldwide. The significance of this move has been that the business has sold the distribution rights of the programmes that it has already completed.