A building is not just a number on a street, but a place in which businesses and organisations can thrive on a day-to-day basis. When it’s being used as a place of employment and commerce, it becomes additionally important to ensure that all aspects of the building are safe, practical and efficient.

Of course, there’s much more for a commercial builder to consider than what the building looks like to the casual passer-by, but what are some of the most important issues that need to be considered?

Counting the cost

Builders don’t just need strong arms and firm grips – they need a head for figures too. Before a single brick is laid, the team behind the project needs to establish what sort of budget is being worked with. Then, it’s a case of putting together all the essentials and ensuring they fit in with these resources.

Costs to be considered aren’t just those of parts and labour, but also seeking out commercial contractors and applying risk management. In order to offer their clients the best possible value, commercial builders need to be skilled negotiators as well.

Rules and regulations

A budget isn’t the only restriction on what can be done through commercial building. For example, if the building owner is situated among a row of mock-Tudor houses and wants to add a lime green, dodecahedron-shaped extension, it’s wise to conduct a little research before giving it the OK.

This is why the builder needs to work closely with the building control department within the council in which the work is taking place, or at least with an architect who has plenty of knowledge in this field. Council officials aren’t just there to throw the book at us; they also advise us on the best materials to use in the area.

A plumb draw

Name me a single business that doesn’t rely on water to get through the day. If you’re thinking of an IT firm, accountants or anything office-based, you’re obviously overlooking the thirst some employees have for tea and coffee, as well as the fact that we all need to use the toilet every now and again.

An attractive building is no more than an ornament without functioning radiators, boilers and kitchen and bathroom fittings. Knowledge of how these work, as well as how existing waterworks might be affected by any work done to a building, needs to be foremost in the mind of those tasked with commercial building.

Electric excellence

For the comfort and safety of those who will be using the building day in, day out, builders need to approach every task with the mind of an electrician too. Whether it’s installing fittings like showers and ovens, or ensuring that rooms have enough lighting and sockets, we cannot demote electrics to a mere afterthought in the building process.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of everything we cover, but it will hopefully give you an idea of what we take into consideration before undertaking any commercial building work and delivering the excellent standards on which we pride ourselves. To find out more about the work of Hartley & Parry Developments in particular, take a look at our portfolio.