The Australian version of Channel 4’s homebuilding show Grand Designs is in the running for one of the Sunburnt Country’s most prestigious television honours.

Grand Designs Australia (GDA) is all about people creating and constructing their own houses and was recently nominated in the popular lifestyle category at the Logie Awards, where it is facing competition from other programmes.

The show may have affected the way many people look at building these days, but it seems that expertise is still required for positive outcomes to be attained, which is why home renovation in Chester and other UK cities often needs professional input.

Peter Maddison, the presenter of GDA, has said:

“We don’t puff our show up. It’s what Australians are actually doing. It has a certain attraction because it’s not just about architecture, it’s about people, it’s about landscapes, and it’s about reality.”

The programme Selling Housing Australia (SHA), a show that has a different format from GDA, has also received a nomination for the prize in question.

SHA focuses on the property market and looks at makeovers instead of more substantial construction work. Both SHA and GDA are made by the Foxtel company, which aims to minimise the competition between them.

Shaynna Blaze, an interior designer who works on SHA, has said that she thinks the programme’s viewers appreciate short stories. In addition, she thinks that the characters who participate in the show are important and have contributed towards its success.