A designer of gardens called Jack Dunckley has been working at the Grand Designs Live exhibition in London.

Television star Kevin McCloud has opted to be involved in the event in a presentational role. Mr McCloud is famous for his efforts on the Grand Designs programme.

Dunckley is 22 and has been given the opportunity of showcasing his creations for over a week. His work has already received a series of awards.

Mr Dunckley is in charge of Landscape Design, which is located in a nursery within West Sussex. However, people from around the country could be inspired by the way his gardens work with the rest of the exhibition, and builders in Cheshire may get some design ideas from the show as a whole.

He told Horticultural Week:

“Being able to design gardens every day really is a dream come true. My passion is to produce the highest quality horticultural designs that will give long-lasting enjoyment to my clients.”

Mr Dunckley began creating gardens when he was 10, and since then his efforts have been acknowledged positively on numerous occasions. He has managed to get medals at flower shows in Hampton Court and Chelsea.

Mr McCloud has not been the only television star to become involved in Grand Designs Live, as property programme personalities Charlie Luxton and George Clarke have joined him in the enterprise.

Debates on topics like sustainable housing may generate fresh thinking after the conclusion of the event.