Work is underway to transform a derelict commercial building on the Wirral into a complex of affordable homes for the area’s rental market.

Once the Esher House development in Bidston is complete, the properties may well be subject to further work should the residents wish to stamp their own mark on their new homes. No doubt those offering loft conversions on the Wirral are expecting to see a rise in demand.

The project is a joint venture between Wirral Borough Council, consulting firm Plan B and housing organisation Regenda.

The complex will comprise four two-bed houses and another five three-bed properties. The latest construction and design techniques will be used to put a focus on energy efficiency and high standards, with building costs also reduced substantially.

Executive Director of Operations for Regenda, Tracy Heyes, said:

“We are delighted to see this exciting new project moving forward, using the latest build techniques to provide local people with affordable new homes.

“Working together with our partners Plan B and Wirral Borough Council, we will be making a real difference to the neighbourhood.”

Harry Smith, a Wirral councillor, said that the development will be crucial to the area’s regeneration. He claimed that he has received numerous complaints from Beechwood estate residents due to the derelict building acting as an eyesore. However, he pointed out that the residents are now happy to see new work being carried out in the area and affordable housing being made available to first-time buyers.

It is thought that the work will be completed by spring next year.