Certain types of home improvement are more fashionable than others, with en-suite bathrooms having evolved from a rarity into a more commonplace household feature.

Once this type of amenity was something that people tended to run into when staying in a hotel, but more and more individuals are now finding them elsewhere, which seems to be boosting their appreciation. This trend has become clear, with it even having been reported that some students expect en-suites in their ordinary halls of residence. There are several factors behind this gradual shift in public taste, which we will look at below:

Adding worth

One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of the en-suite bathroom is that it can have a positive impact on property prices. This is because a residence that contains such a luxury is more likely to impress a potential buyer than one that does not.

When people look around different properties, their attention may be caught by features that are aesthetically pleasing and that make buildings seem a little out of the ordinary. If two neighbouring properties have similar attributes but one has an en-suite, this may affect the order in which they are sold. However, the bathroom’s design will still be influential, so it is best for people to get specialist advice if they are thinking of having one put in.

A private privy

It can be wonderful to have access to a bathroom from a master bedroom without having to go too far, especially at night. This is particularly the case when guests are staying, as morning queues on the landing can be avoided.

Extra convenience

If people do wake up within the early hours of the morning, using an en-suite bathroom can be a lot less of a hassle. It is much easier for individuals to clamber out of bed and not have to walk along corridors or down stairs.