Loft conversions are one of the most popular home improvement projects, transforming an otherwise dead space into an incredibly useful living area. In essence, a loft conversion is much the same as an extension, increasing floor space, room and adding value.

More than this though, an attic conversion in the home is often a good deal less complex than other extensions. It is easier to convert an existing space than create a new one on many occasions, after all.

There is also a great deal of potential from the space, which is why so many people are considering a loft conversion.


Commonly, a loft is converted into an extra bedroom and, for this, it is certainly ideal. On a purely financial basis, the addition of a further bedroom in the home can make a home’s value leap. It will also widen the appeal of the property, with more interested buyers able to be targeted.

If possible, converting the space into a bedroom with en-suite is sensible. It is also a good idea to have a well-built staircase into the loft. This will make the space far easier to use of course, but will again boost the home’s value considerably when entering it onto the market.


With home-working increasing, many people are looking at ways to dedicate an area in their home to work. This is seeing lots of office desks appearing in the corner of bedrooms, lounges and kitchens.

This is far from ideal in many cases though, and having an extension or loft conversion is a great way to create a home office.

It helps take things away from the family home, creating a clear space between living and working areas. Moreover, it provides that all important quietness that aids focus and concentration.

For this reason, it is also a great space for kids to use for their own homework, or teenagers to swot up for their all-important exams.

Taking time to have skylights installed and a good ventilation system in place will ensure the space is suitable for work too.


With getting fit and staying healthy more popular than ever before, mini-gyms are appearing in homes throughout the UK at a fast rate. Much as with an office taking up valuable space, so can the kit involved with exercise.

Once again, a loft conversion is a great consideration for this. The space allows for a workout to carry on without any problems, while the natural light is another plus point here. More than this though, with an en-suite bathroom installed too, getting fresh and clean after a full-on session is made just a little easier too.

It is important to make sure that support for the walls and floor are adequate for the weight of the equipment and the exercise being performed too.

These are naturally just a few of the best ideas for what to do with your loft conversions, but there are many others. Many people have created excellent family rooms, play rooms and home cinemas for example.

Discussing your plans with a reputable local builder could also provide a few additional ideas.