Residents of a street in Moreton, Wirral are back on the map again, after their road was temporarily wiped from postal records

Royal Mail was asked by Wirral Council earlier in the year to remove Ford Hill View from the database of postcode records due to an expected change of name as a result of a new adjoining housing development next to Wirral Partnership Homes (WPH).

WPH requested that the street should adopt the new name Farmfield Groce. After residents, along with Councillor Ian Lewis, intervened, they gave the street back its old name, however.

The local authority’s correspondence to request an annulment of their initial request looks like it has failed to reach Royal Mail, causing serious for residents.

Cllr Lewis said that a resident in need of a brand new bed, due to health issues, was rejected by one store as they could not locate their address on the system.

“Whatever system Royal Mail have in place it isn’t working. They have been asked to reinstate the address immediately so hopefully things will be back to normal in a matter of days.”

The Councillor said that a highway management division officer from the council had notified Royal Mail of an issue it was given on the January 24 to amend the original name change request, which Royal Mail said had not been received.

With the matter now seemingly settled, it is to be hoped that WPH can now deal with more pressing issues, such as kitchen, bedroom and home renovation in the Wirral.