If you’re considering a basement conversion, don’t be put off by some of the commonplace misconceptions about basement living. Let’s take a look at three of them:

1. “Basements are cramped”

Many decades ago, underground life was not always as pleasant for people as it is today. This was primarily because of overcrowding, but a modern basement conversion doesn’t have to mean a lack of space.

If you pay attention to the process of design you can ensure that space is used efficiently. Further, a skilled builder will have the capacity to help you at the design stage. It shouldn’t be too difficult to think of how many rooms you need in your new basement; obviously avoided opted for quantity of rooms ahead of size, because too many walls will waste precious space. Your builder will be able to assist you in this vital area.

2. “Basements are poorly lit”

When you think of a basement, you might think of an area that’s dark and dusty, but of course modern builders have access to high quality lighting, so this needn’t be a problem in 2015. However, if reliance on such equipment does not appeal to you, or you’re looking to keep energy costs low, then it may be feasible to exploit a source of natural light. It is easy to get reassurance from a builder about the best way forward.

3. “Basements are damp”

Dampness was a persistent problem for those who lived in basements in centuries gone by. Fortunately, technological innovation has meant that a basement conversion will not lead to any difficulties of this kind.

Modern technology and innovation really have changed what is possible underground, and the truth is that bedrooms in modern basements can be comfortable, vibrant, dry and a generally great place to live.