A first floor extension might be the obvious choice for making an improvement to a house, however, many builders may advise on alternatives to this stereotypical form of house extension.

A good builder will advise that extending a house in this manner is not without potential pitfalls. If a garden is already really small, it might be best to think about a loft conversion instead. There is also the fact that a first floor extension can be problematic, especially if extension of roof is not constructed correctly. Nevertheless, if the work is done in a precise manner, then the advantages associated with this type of extension can come into play.

It can enhance the value of a property

While the vagaries of the British climate can make the value associated with conservatory installation somewhat uncertain, a conventional first floor extension can reap considerable rewards. It may be best to include an additional bedroom in the plans if adding value is the major priority behind the work.

It is essential that value is maximised by the use of appropriate design. It makes sense for a homeowner to provide a builder with a clear sketch of what they want doing. This can be the basis for a productive discussion. A skilled construction team will be able to tell whether or not a first floor extension will fit in with the neighbouring buildings effectively. Their cost-benefit analysis should be able to act as an estimate about the potential boost to the house price.

It may well improve quality of life

The main reason for many extensions is that a family wants a better quality of life without the hassle associated with moving. However, a first floor extension should only be undertaken when a family has clear ideas in relation to the eventual functions of the extra space. If such decisions are made too late then it may be awkward to adapt the new rooms, especially if what was intended to be a bedroom is changed to a bathroom.

The possible creation of comfort

Some first floor extensions in the past did tend to be a bit basic. It is now much more preferable to allow a builder to come up with something up-to-date. For instance, the installation of en suite bathrooms has worked well in various properties. Facilities of this luxurious type can complement a modern bedroom in a cost-effective manner that guarantees a positive atmosphere.