A shower room is not necessarily the first thing that somebody thinks of when they are considering a loft conversion. Nonetheless, installing such an amenity can be a positive move for a household.

It is important not to rush into a decision, because there are specific issues relating to the feasibility of having a shower room in a loft.

En suite bathrooms can work in lofts

An en suite bathroom can make a house feel luxurious. It can be great not having to queue up to use the main bathroom in a home. There are also benefits in terms of privacy – particularly important if a homeowner regularly has guests. A shower room can fit next to an en suite bathroom, and being adjacent to a bathroom can work well in a practical sense. The aesthetics of such an arrangement can be satisfactory too.

A shower room can go with bedrooms

It is not necessary to have a whole bathroom in a loft if a shower room is judged to be sufficient. Putting a shower room next to bedrooms, or even a study, is an option worth considering. There is little to be gained by having a restrictive view of what might work well.

Think electric

It is usually best to have a shower that is powered by electricity in a loft, mostly due to the issue of water pressure. Insufficient water pressure at the top of a building can make alternatives to a power shower ineffective.

Sloping roofs should not be forgotten

A sloping roof is something that many loft conversions have to take into account. A professional builder or architect should have the capacity to assess whether or not a sloping roof is likely to be problematic for the installation of a functional shower room.