A chance to own an innovative underground residence has become a possibility as a chamber from an old reservoir has been put on the market.

Planning permission has been granted for a future owner to convert the space into a home with three bedrooms. The asking price for the chamber has been set at £150,000. This all means that builders in Cheshire could eventually be inspired by a sustainable development on the site in question. Oliver Hudson, who has the goal of selling the chamber, has explained the role of a former owner:

“They got full planning permission to turn it into an eco home and now we just need somebody to come and buy it to turn it into their ideal home.”

This plan is the first venture of this type that Mr. Hudson has undertaken. The potential home is located in Elloughton. This Yorkshire village is not the only place where old reservoirs are situated because they are quite common, as the seller has mentioned.

Mr. Hudson has implied he is really confident that the eventual owner of the Elloughton property can have a positive experience living beneath the ground. He has stated that there could be quite a lot of interest in his offer. Further, he has expressed the idea that an occupant may like the novelty of the arrangement.

Mr. Hudson has got another underground property in his charge. This is located within Walkington. He has plans to dispose of this one too. However, the precise timing of his attempt to sell this property has yet to be disclosed.