A Costa Coffee branch in a retail park within Telford has recently been fitted with solar panels by building firm EH Smith.

Costa Coffee has given notice of its ambitions to become a more sustainable business through its endorsement of solar power. Andy Oram, of EH Smith, has asserted that he thinks the lead of Costa Coffee will attract followers

Builders in Cheshire could be influenced by the example that has been set. Oram, a sustainable materials advisor, has commented:

“Costa are looking to do this for their new build projects in the UK – Telford is a pioneer project. Somewhere at the top Costa have had a moment where they decided this is the right thing to do for both business and environmental reasons.”

New World Home Energy played a role in getting the project together. The solar panelling on the building will not have the capacity to meet all the power needs of the Costa outlet, so the structure will stay connected to the National Grid. However, the solar installation should contribute a lot to the total energy consumed there.

At first, a system of heat recovery will be employed to keep energy usage down. However, one day it might be feasible to introduce a battery system, to eliminate the need for a grid attachment.

Oram has confidence in the idea that more businesses will take steps towards greater energy efficiency in the future. This is because the desire for lower costs, and the need for environmentalism, can serve to stimulate the adoption of sustainable technology.