An innovative eco home in Brampton is one of the first northern residences to be constructed in the special style of Grand Designs.

The show house in Cumbria may give its residents the opportunity to avoid costly energy bills. Builders within Chester and elsewhere may be interested in some of the technology that has gone into building the house, and by other eco homes. Colin Willetts, an executive at the developer Trivselhus, has commented on the scale of the plans of his company when in conversation with The Chronicle:

“Our plans are to build over 60 properties in the next 12 months at key locations – meaning the North will be leading the charge in the development of low-energy housing for individuals and families interested in a life free from rising utility bill costs.”

The first building will benefit from various features. It will have solar panels and a special ventilation system to maximise its energy efficiency.

Mr. Willetts has pointed out why self-builders have been among the first to benefit from the savings associated with eco homes. He has argued that land prices and skills shortages have combined to prevent ordinary construction firms from joining the party. However, he has underlined that this situation is about to change.

Numerous sites have been picked out as appropriate places for eco homes. Trivselhus is planning to make use of locations in Wetherhal, Darlington, Hexham and Penrith. After these opportunities have been exploited, the Swedish firm may opt to search for new spaces.