A retirement living project in Batley has been given a makeover that has involved significant investment.

Residents within Denham Court have witnessed more than a facelift of their buildings, as 18 modern homes have replaced 34 bedsits. Builders in Cheshire may be inspired by how the living spaces have been renovated and Edward Brooksbank, a resident, has commented:

“The past few months have been similar to the TV programme ‘Grand Designs’. What a transformation. The renovation has been an unqualified success and exceeded all our expectations.”

The flats in question have been upgraded to the standard of Lifetime Homes. This means that a tenant will not be obliged to relocate should their mobility deteriorate over time.

The sections of the complex designated for communal activities have been improved. New lighting and furnishings have made a difference to the aesthetics of these shared spaces. Further, the laundry and the kitchen have both been provided with a fresh look.

Extra fencing has been provided for the grounds of the property. In addition, the gardens have had more shrubs and flowers planted, with residents playing a role.

Councillor Cathy Scott opened the refurbished complex at an event. Tenants and some of their relations were there at the opening. Locals were also in attendance at the ceremony. The construction period had been somewhat disruptive for individuals in the area, according to Councillor Scott, who also took the opportunity to remind people about the importance of housing.

She has stressed how elderly people can spend many hours at home, and how influential housing can be on their wellbeing.