There are only two weeks remaining for residents to air their views on whether Rotherwood Road land should be designated as a housing development with 174 homes. Their opinions may yet prove crucial to decisions on whether there will be an increased number of home renovations in Cheshire.

A Local Plan is currently being developed by Cheshire East Council and will make for a key document that will act as Cheshire East’s Development Plan and be the foundation for any planning decisions before 2030.

Local Plan consultations began in 2011 and the draft version of the Development Strategy was consulted on by the council in the beginning of the year. It will provide 27,000 new homes and 20,000 jobs in the next two decades in the Cheshire East area.

The council is also consulting on a number of proposed additional sites, including a part greenfield site and part brownfield site on Rotherwod Road. Emery Planning Partnership submitted a proposal for 22 dwellings to be developed for Herring Properties.

Cheshire East Council Deputy Leader, Cllr David Brown, said:

“In creating a new plan we need to be sure that we have considered all reasonable alternatives in terms of our strategy and potential development sites.”

He went on to say that the council must ensure any alternatives are given proper consideration and will be forced to undergo environmental and sustainability tests should any be accepted as a part of its wider regard for the Local Plan as a whole.