A green group hoping to construct an eco-village in the vicinity of Cambridge has appealed for land.

The idea is that landowners could

donate appropriate plots of land to the Cambridge Living Future Community (CLFC). The CLFC want to make a settlement on a sustainable basis and have said that they want to produce about 50 environmentally-friendly residences. It has been reported that they have the intention of using modified straw bales. Builders in Cheshire may also employ eco-friendly building materials. The founder of the CLFC, Damien Clements, has told the Cambridge News:

“Originally we were looking in the south of the city, around Sawston, but we need to look a bit more broadly because we are looking for a piece of land owned by someone who shares our vision, but is still affordable for a community development like this.”

Mr. Clements is a member of the steering group of the CLFC and it has been reported that he takes the leading role within it. He has already engaged in discussions with several landowners. However, he has yet to hear of an appropriate site. Residents have been encouraging, but the major obstacle to the fulfilment of the ambition of the group remains land.

The team is hoping to construct their buildings on agricultural land. Straw bales could therefore be a suitable construction material. However, the group may require special permission to base their houses in a rural area. To that end, CLFC has entered into discussions about planning with the relevant district authority.