Two affordable houses will be developed in Warrington in an attempt to tackle the town’s homelessness problems.

Plans were approved by the council to develop the properties in Bewey in a bid to boost the diversity of residential options in the area. No doubt builders in Cheshire will soon be called upon to bring the ideas to life.

Earlier in the year, a board of executives gave the green light for a housing project which tackles the increased costs of caring for those who have been made homeless.

The homes will be developed on the former site of a scout building and council office, on Longshaw Street and Troutbeck Avenue.

The council’s head of housing, Dave Cowley, said:

“The plans were approved to meet the needs of an aging population with the current welfare reforms.

“We are starting to see an increase in homelessness. There isn’t enough provision so we have to put people in to bed and breakfasts. So this development will help us increase our emergency accommodation.”

Further developments are in the pipeline as officials look to relieve pressure on property stock.

Mr Cowley went on to say that local authorities have provided more cost-effective housing and last year over-delivered, exceeding the goal of 172 by building 227 new properties.

He explained that the council is also looking at re-using vacant buildings to ensure they don’t go to waste. This is likely to involve a number of commercial spaces being transformed into homes.