Kevin McCloud, the presenter of the television programme Grand Designs, has announced that the property he most admires in the UK is the Chilterns-based Jacob’s Ladder.

Nestled amongst an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the building is on a slope on the fringe of Oxfordshire. Designed by the architect Niall McLaughlin, it has even been recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Not every property can have the visual impact of Jacob’s Ladder. Nonetheless, many houses can be improved if the services of builders from Cheshire are obtained.

Mr McCloud has argued that Jacob’s Ladder is a great example for other home builders, suggesting:

“This is how 21st-century rural houses should be designed.”

As well as its noteworthy design, the home has also recently entered the news for another reason, with Savills Estate Agents having put the property on the market for more than £2m.

The house features four bedrooms, while it also includes an indoor pool and large, open plan spaces. In addition to these features, the property is surrounded by several acres of trees, with cherry and beech seeming to flourish.

Sue Mailley, who works for Savills, has said that two particular groups of people might enjoy using the property. She believes that Jacob’s Ladder would be perfect for people of a certain age, who could enjoy relaxing in the rural spot, as well as individuals that might like to escape from the stresses of work by visiting the place at weekends.