A television programme called Love It or List It has brought celebrities Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer together in a move that could encourage home renovation.

In the series, Spencer – a star from Location, Location, Location – has been tasked with persuading individuals that they would be well-advised to move, while famous Allsopp has the job of convincing people that refurbishment is the answer to their accommodation issues. If she can highlight the advantages of staying put on television, this may increase the demand for home renovation in Cheshire and elsewhere.

Allsopp has told the Braintree and Witham Times:

“I moved quite a lot as a child and I hate moving house, so I will do anything to avoid it. So I was coming from quite a deep place in my desire to prevent people moving house.”

The new property showcase, which has been aired recently on Channel 4, has shown the dilemma of a couple from Harlow. Nigel and Emma Ford were compelled to think about home renovation or selling their property.

Allsopp has been involved in property programmes for many years now. She has stated that she is a pioneer in the genre, although she has stressed that Spencer was also there at the beginning when they made a pilot for their most successful programme.

She has admitted that she would like to be recognised with a Bafta, but Spencer has suggested that the remarkable longevity of Location, Location, Location, makes such an outcome improbable in his view.