Loft living is fashionable in many different cities around the world, and there are powerful reasons for this trend. London might be the hub of the movement, but loft conversions across the UK are gaining in popularity as more and more people perceive what is in it for them. Everybody has their own specific motivations for choosing a loft conversion, but here are some of the most common ones:

1. Not wanting to relocate

Relocation can be particularly difficult for many people, and moving house can be a big wrench if you have developed an attachment to a place. Putting down roots can be nice, but moving after a long period of residence may almost feel like severing a relationship.

2. Adding to house value

A high quality loft conversion can add significant value to a property. Much depends on location, while market conditions are also important to bear in mind, but the fact remains that an attractive conversion can make a big difference to house value, worth many thousands of pounds.

3. Increased storage and creativity

Decorating a loft gives you a bit more freedom than you have elsewhere in a house. A loft is somewhere in which you can let your personal taste flourish. You don’t have to bother with the opinions of those visitors who are only likely to go downstairs, so let your creativity come to the fore, and select furniture you might not consider using elsewhere.

4. Ideal for work and play

A loft can be the perfect spot to do some quiet work. You can feel like you are in a safe bubble, distant from the hurly-burly of the street. If you get the loft conversion properly insulated, then you will be in a great space to work efficiently. It’s also a great move to use a loft conversion for recreational purposes. In that situation, the rest of the household should not be disturbed by the games.