Councillors have given initial planning permission for a garden village development of more than 1,500 homes to be built on farmland in Little Sutton.

The Strategic Planning Committee had previously turned down an application for the building of 2,000 houses on the very same site on Ledsham Road in Little Sutton.

However, the proposal was amended with the reduced number, and was re-submitted to the committee. It is still expected to be a sizeable development, however, so there will be enough work to keep builders in Cheshire busy for some time.

Jon Sutcliffe, an Area Planning Manager, spoke to the council and said that any arguments for refusal on the grounds of harsh traffic effects, among other points raised, were not strong enough.

A report outlined the plan for the homes, stating that they would be developed over 18 years. It also said that the garden village would incorporate extensive open space areas which include allotments and playing fields.

Councillor Helen Weltman explained:

“This is similar to an estate I live on in Kingsmead, just outside Northwich. I don’t know if there are any other former Vale Royal Borough Councillors here when that was passed 20 odd years ago, but that was a sort of phased development with not as much open space as this application actually, but I know that this works quite well.”

The housing would include a mix of budget properties and two-story market housing. A local shop, community building and primary school are also expected.