Councils should have the right to develop thousands of homes, whether there is opposition from “land-hoarding developers” and “home-blocking” authorities or not, according to Labour.

Ed Miliband, leader of the party, said that the shortage is resulting in higher costs for homebuyers as he discussed plans to develop 200,000 homes every year until 2020.

Such a huge scale of development will no doubt lead to increases in demand for the services of companies which provide loft conversions, on the Wirral and all throughout the UK.

Referring to Taylor Wimpey, Permission, Berkely and Barratt, Miliband said:

“Profits for our four biggest housing developers are going through the roof.

“They have soared 557 per cent since this Government took office – even though homes have been built at their slowest rate witnessed in peacetime for almost a century.”

In line with the plan to increase the amount of housing being developed every year by 100 per cent, the opposition leader said that councils would be supported should they find that their expansion plans are met with disagreement from cross-border conflicts.

He announced the plan while visiting a successful development based in Stevenage. He talked about the high prices of homes, which are leading to some families being forced to save for 20 years just so that they can afford a deposit to buy for the first time.

He went on to say that any issues surrounding affordability are intertwined with the problem of housing supply in the UK and that Labour has a definite plan on how to fix it.