The master bedroom in any home should be a place of solace; a place to escape to and relax. As such, getting the design right is important. It should be a place that promotes peace and harmony and, ideally, be free of the trappings of modern life. So important is the bedroom, in fact, that it is well worth spending time and a little cash to get it just right.

Plan and budget

Before any bedroom renovation, as with any major decorating project in the home, it is essential to adequately plan. In the first instance, this will be done personally but, later on down the road, working with a reputable local builder is sensible. Before this though, setting a comfortably affordable budget, with a good 10 – 15% contingency, is always sensible.

Designing the room

In order for a bedroom to deliver the right feel, it is important to maximise the space. This will also help the room to be easy to clean and keep tidy. Everything should have its place. For example, there should be plenty of space for the bed.

All too often, people go for a king size bed, when a standard double will be better. It is important to allow the room to flow, to have enough room around the bed for ease of movement. There should be space for side tables, and probably a dressing table too.

Where space allows, it is also a great idea to have seating. Whether this be a simple corner chair, or a sofa or chaise lounge, they are all excellent details. An Ottoman or chest at the end of the bed is a good idea too, or as an alternative. Storage is important for clothing and bedding, after all.

It is often necessary to have an area of the master bedroom as an office too. This is not ideal but, where it is an absolute necessity, there should be dividers used to clearly separate space and give that all important harmonious fell to a bedroom.

Décor and lighting

The décor of a master bedroom is an incredibly important aspect and it should really reflect its owner’s personality. However, in most cases, it is good for it to be a little subdued and not too busy. Sleep is the ultimate destination in a bedroom, so having anything that promotes mental activity is not good.

It is for this reason that having items such as televisions, computers and even phones in the bedroom is not the best idea. It is all too easy to be distracted by such modern particulars.

Lighting the space is another important aspect of bedroom design and renovation to get right. Mood lighting is good, as is a bright light to read and get ready by in the dark winter mornings. As much as it is a place of rest, it is also a staging area for the day ahead.

Adding value

As much as remodelling a bedroom is essential for a healthy lifestyle, so too are there other benefits. For example, a well-designed master bedroom will add value to a house. However, it is very much a personal space, so, it is important not to go down the ‘magnolia and vanilla’ route, unless decorating to sell.