All too often, people go through the costly process of moving home, simply because they have become bored with the space in which they presently live. However, as many people stay in much the same area, it is clear that many would actually like to stay right where they are, which makes home renovation such a great idea.

Frequently, though, people are scared of tackling a home renovation. Many think it is too expensive, others too much hassle. However, working with the right local builders, homes can be transformed into spaces that are once again loved and appreciated, as these five ideas will show.

Kitchen extension

The kitchen is the single most important part of any home. As such, maximising the area is only going to make an improvement to the whole building. Whether adding a living space, entertaining space, dining space or simply just creating more space, extending the kitchen is a great idea.

No matter whether in a semi-detached, bungalow or terrace home, a kitchen extension is easily achievable. As well as creating more space directly, the clever introduction of skylights and extra windows will also enlarge an area. Working with reputable local builders can truly deliver a wonderful space.

Basement or loft conversions

Needing extra bedroom space is a common reason for moving home, and often there are areas of a home that are ideally suited to an additional bedroom. Basements and particularly lofts are ideal for this. They are also large spaces, particularly when well designed by a good local builder. They are also an affordable option, as there is generally no planning consent or major structural work needed.

Bathroom renovations

Another very important room in the home is the bathroom which, like the kitchen, is used every day by everyone. It is also the area of a home most likely to become dated the quickest, and to tire due to the constant use that is demanded of it.

Again though, renovations here can be quickly and affordably achieved. Updating a suite is easy, and there are some great deals on packages that can be found online. Another option is to introduce en suite bathrooms into bedrooms. Creating a downstairs shower room or toilet is also a great idea, particularly for growing families.


Another great way to create additional space, and to create a whole new living area, is to build a conservatory. From huge wrap around affairs to smaller rooms, there are a whole range of options to choose from. It also again creates space and light, simply through the use of glass. For homes with gardens that have been cared about, they are particularly good investments that continue to give.

Starting again

For the full on effect of a home renovation, there is nothing to beat taking it all back the very bare basics. Where a local area is really loved, this can be a truly momentous event for a family. It allows the whole building to be completely reworked and remapped, and tailored to that family. From the floor, through the walls and on to the roof, starting again is just like rebirth. However, a builder with a good reputation and good experience is a definite must for such projects.