Once a conservatory is constructed, it has to be maintained and a reputable builder should be able to provide relevant advice. Some maintenance tasks can be performed by a homeowner, while others may require professional intervention.

Looking after a conservatory is critical, because a failure to do so will impinge on the experience of everybody who uses it. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to be aware of some of the things which can be done to help this form of home extension look its best year after year.

Consider condensation

It’s not possible to eliminate condensation altogether, but that doesn’t mean that the white flag should be waved. Instead, a new conservatory can be given time to dry up. The length of the drying out process might be affected by the time of year, so patience is recommended.

A slight increase in heating can help combat condensation, but there are limits to this approach. It’s not economic to put the heating on too high for too long, nor is it environmentally responsible. However, the strategy is sensible during a very cold spell of weather.

Fresh air

Ensuring that a conservatory is well ventilated can also be a bonus, as this allows the air to circulate properly in the fight against condensation. However, be mindful of security issues if leaving a window open.

Put the panels in perspective

On occasion, it may be necessary to replace one of the glass panels that form the roof of a conservatory. Maintenance of this type is usually beyond the scope of DIY. Fortunately, there are plenty of experienced individuals out there who can accomplish the task without excessive trouble. It is also true that panel replacement is not something that has to be done too frequently.