If you are considering home improvements, it is likely you are eager to make sure that they will add value to the house, as well as make it a better place to be. As much as renovations and refurbishments are all about making a space more family friendly or more useful, keeping an eye on the value that is added is only sensible too.

The good news is that most home improvements will only add value to a home. If they are done well and well planned, and completed with the help of dedicated workforce or reputable firm of local builders, it should be pure and simple to achieve.

However, there are certain projects that will add more value than others, so considering which ones work best for you is important.

New bathroom

Two rooms in the home are arguably more important than any other: the kitchen and the bathroom. They are not just the rooms that are used the most, but they are also the rooms most keenly looked at by viewers potentially buying the property.

As such, renovating the bathroom is always sensible and will likely always add value. It is not always necessary to spend thousands and thousands on the remodelling of a bathroom either, with often simple renovations producing an effective result.

For example, if a bathroom suite is in good condition, there is no use going through the costly exercise of replacing it. A good clean, new tiles to the walls and floor, new fittings, and new accessories and furnishings could be all that is needed.

Alternatively, if a complete overhaul is required, the bath, toilet and sink can all be pulled out, and a new suite installed. If this is the case, considering a separate shower unit can really boost the appeal too.

New kitchen

A poorly maintained or tired kitchen can really drag down the attractiveness of property. Conversely, a show-stopping kitchen area can add thousands.

The natural heart of any family home, it needs to be a place not just for food preparation, but for friends and family to gather and relax.

While remodelling the whole kitchen is always a fun project to undertake, tackling such a large project may not always be necessary. A great tip for example is to just refresh the walls with new tiling and perhaps take a look at a new floor.

Replacing the cabinets is naturally a huge way to give a kitchen a positive face lift, but far easier than this is to simply replace the cabinet doors. It is a much cheaper option but, for homes where the kitchen cabinets are still in good order, can save thousands.

There are some great innovations in modern day kitchens today though, so it could well be worth seeing what really could be done for the budget you have before making firm decisions. Talking to the local builders can give a good idea of how much certain works may cost too, which could help with the decision-making process.