A rugby club in Liverpool could decide to sell its home for the sake of a residential property development, and relocate to a park in the city. This could lead to extensions in Merseyside for a number of new home owners.

Two national house builders have offered Sefton Rugy Club over £10m for its Leyfield Road ground in West Derby.

Liverpool Council has been approached more than once with regards to the potential of buying a part of Croxteth Country Park, or leasing it.

The club, located on its current site as of 1929, had already made a proposal to pay £500,000 for over 15 acres of the park, which stretches over 200 acres. A source from the council said that under no circumstances would the local authority even consider such a proposal.

Peter Mitchell, Croxteth councillor, said:

“Sefton Rugby Union Football Club approached us about the possibility of playing on Croxteth Park and we have asked for them to come back to us with a detailed proposal.”

“Any deal would have to be beneficial to the people of Liverpool.”

Leyfeild Close resident, Robert Stuart, added:

“There must be many sporting organisations and clubs throughout Merseyside who are crying out for a well-maintained field of this size, complete with floodlights, changing rooms and clubhouse.”

A precedent occurred in 2010 for the sale of an ex-sporting facility in order for local homes could be built, when Everton FC sold Bellefield training ground for £8m.