Figures released recently have revealed that property prices in Merseyside are the highest they’ve been for more than two years.

The average price of a house in the area reached £134,235 in July, representing an increase of three per cent. This growth rate was ahead of the national figure.

Property transactions have risen by 12 per cent year-on-year across the UK, and have been increasing, on average, by five per cent each month after a dip over the Christmas period.

There is also increased confidence among sellers on the Wirral, with property sales on the rise by an average of three per cent a month since the beginning of 2013. Joiners in the Wirral area will be hoping the new levels of confidence materialise into a rise in custom, with new buyers setting up home sooner rather than later.

Jones and Chapman Estate Agents’ area director, Debbie McHale, said:

“The three per cent annual average price rise and 12 per cent increase in sales transactions across the county shows the economic recovery the UK is experiencing also extends to the property market in the north.

“Wirral continues to attract high-profile residents due to its quintessential countryside setting, high quality properties and stunning vistas across the Irish Sea.”

She went on to say that the confidence is strong on the peninsula due to a rise in the number of properties appearing on the market compared to 2012.

The level of activity shows sales transactions increasing two per cent month since the beginning of the year.