A homeowner from Essex might be forced to dispose of his whole property because he failed to get planning consent for an extension.

Peter Thompson-Bates only has weeks to pay legal costs to Tendring’s district council (TDC) in relation to a court case that flowed from the omission. Individuals considering a home extension in Cheshire should ensure they use professionals who know the importance of getting planning permission.

Nigel Brown, a communications manager at TDC, has commented:

“The costs relate to an injunction requiring Mr Thompson-Bates, the joint owner of the property, to comply with an outstanding Planning Enforcement Notice at the address. The considerable costs arise from past hearings and are still unpaid.”

The house at the centre of the dispute is located in Mistley. Thompson-Bates gave his approval to the construction an extension to an outbuilding associated with the main property back in 2009.

In April 2014, a court ruled that the homeowner should pay the council over £20,000. This followed from the fact that a body called the Planning Inspectorate maintained that the enforcement notice issued by the council was legitimate.

Thompson-Bate did not accept the findings of the Planning Inspectorate and appealed against its decision. However, the High Court has dismissed his appeal case.

Brown explained that the local authority has already gone through a lengthy process to recoup the money. However, it did not prove possible to reach a settlement out of court and an Order of Sale has been applied for, with success.