If you have never entertained the idea of a house extension before, you face quite a steep learning curve. However, doing some basic research can fill in the gaps in your knowledge. It is worth taking a little time to become aware of some of the advantages of an extension. In addition, you may benefit from a couple of tips in relation to making a success of the project.

Avoid stamp duty

There are several economic reasons that influence people in your situation to have an extension instead of moving. Getting a new home can be expensive. It can also be a real hassle. One of the costs commonly associated with moving to a new property is stamp duty. Opting to go for an extension is a sensible way for you to lower your tax bill.

Think about local costs

When you are thinking about what an extension should cost you, remember that the price charged for construction work is not uniform across the UK. This is especially important if you have moved into your property from a different part of the country. You should be comparing like with like when you are thinking about what might be a suitable budget to put aside for your project.

Establish a good relationship with a builder

A builder should be able to translate your dream into reality. However, they will be able to so effectively if they have proper plans presented to them. Undertaking a home extension is a serious activity and there may have to be a small degree of compromise on both sides.

Communication is central to any business relationship. If you want to work productively with your builder then you must bear this in mind. You should endeavour to be as clear as possible from the outset, and it is also important to engage in active listening because a builder will have the expertise you lack.