Winsford has confirmed it will spend in excess of £50,000 on the New Homes Bonus in order to achieve Neighbourhood Plan targets. All that expenditure will ultimately lead to new work for tradesmen, such as joiners, in Cheshire.

The town council will benefit from £20,909 during this financial year, as well as £13,322 towards next year and a £8,646 fund for each of the following two years, which adds up to £51,523.

At a Winsford Town Council meeting, Councillor Brian Clarke made the announcement that a barrister would lead the NP independent examination set to commence on January 15th.

Answering questions regarding an invite for the town council to speak at the examination, Councillor Clarke remained diplomatic regarding the pending decision on the plan. He said:

“It’s up to the independent examiner. He will look at it and decide what he’s going to do.

“The examiner will decide who is going to speak. It’s not a public meeting; it’s a meeting in public.

“We did emphasise the need to be completely open and honest, and that’s what he will do because he’s a barrister.”

The Neighbourhood Plan lays out where industry and housing will be situated in Winsford with developers paying a part in the town’s material improvements, which includes cycle and pedestrian access, improved retail and leisure opportunities and public realm walks.

An evaluation will be made by an independent examiner regarding the plan, aligning with Chester and Cheshire West‘s underlying Local Plan.