An eco-friendly miniature house was recently purchased for less than £10,000 in an auction, comfortably exceeding the guideline price.

Mic Choudry paid £9,500 for

the micro home, partly for its portability. The innovative eco-friendly design could be of interest to builders in Chester and other student cities. Mr Choudry has told Homes and Property:

“I think it was a good investment. It’s a compact building and nicely fitted out. I think they could work particularly well for the student market in London.”

Mr Choudry has definite plans for his purchase, saying he will use it for the living quarters of a foreman on commercial land in Greenwich. The site in question is the property of Moving Home Company Ltd, a company owned by Mr Choudry. The land is reportedly about 25,000 square feet.

The micro house design has been fitted with specific items to make living easier. A shower room, a kitchenette and a bed are the main essentials. The firm noted as bringing these micro houses to the UK is called Ecodom.

Mr Choudry has further entrepreneurial aspirations in relation to these micro houses revealing he would like to buy more and offer them as accommodation to students who learn within the nearby University of Greenwich.

The micro houses of the future could be more expensive than the one obtained by Mr Choudry. It has been suggested that £16,000 may be the price used. The houses can be built away from a site and delivered within weeks of ordering.