Proposals have been made by property developer Himor for a major residential housing extension on Chester’s green belt. If the move goes ahead, new residents to the area may decide that further work needs doing to their property, so we may see a loft conversion in Chester among future renovations.

Hoole Gate’s initial phase would result in the development of 26 acres by Hoole Hall.

Hinor claims that Hoole Gate is in response to preferred directions of policy that were published by last year by Cheshire West and Chester Council. The directions made the suggestion that it will be required for green belt land to meet the demand of housing growth in the future.

Multiple locations will be evaluated that may be considered as a preferred candidate.

Himor associate director, Samuel Stafford, is clearly happy that it has chosen an appropriate location. He said:

“Having looked at the purposes of including land within the green belt, and considered the results of the preliminary survey and appraisal work that we have undertaken, we believe that Hoole Gate represents a suitable and achievable opportunity to accommodate new homes.”

The draft of the design reveals how approximately 190 new houses, from two-bed to five-bed homes, may be built with just over five acres of parkland and green spaces. Himor said that an opportunity arose from the parkland to improve Hoole Hall.

A masterplan, complete with illustrations, and a document showing an early vision, have been compiled as a basis for talks with interested parties.