A bunker that was created during the Cold War has been converted into a house in a Grand Designs project.

The property in question was originally part of a network of outlook posts. A builder in Chester could be inspired by the transformation of the building into a modern property, given that it has been reported that the asking price for the new home has been set at £300,000.

There has been a big effort made to make the new building into a sustainable residence. As a result, the former bunker has living walls. However, these green walls are just one of the eco-friendly features that a new owner will benefit from, as the building also features a grass roof.

The bunker was once the property of the Royal Observation Corps, and its heritage has not been ignored in the design of the modern construction. A panel representation of the old bunker is a prominent feature of the building, and is a rich terracotta colour.

As well as having a raft of innovative features, the house has a turntable for cars, although more conventional parking spaces are also available at the level of the surface.

A bank of grass has been installed to let any would-be gardener’s imagination to run riot, and this in turn will permit plenty of light to flood into three big windows. The core idea behind the design is that it will facilitate the property to fit in with the natural environment.