The online business Rated People has reported that two-thirds of individuals in a survey have indicated that gardens influence their property decisions.

The study used a sample of 2,000 people interested in house purchases. Phil Spencer, who has worked for the television programme Location, Location, Location, is involved with Rated People in an ambassadorial role, and has said:

“Of course, everybody loves the idea of having a house with a fantastic garden, but all too often, don’t relish the reality behind maintaining it. It’s a sensible plan to create a garden that looks fantastic, but requires minimum effort from its current owner or future owner.”

The data will be useful for anyone who calls upon a builder in Cheshire to improve their property ahead of sale.

Spencer has recommended that prospective sellers of houses consider planting conifers and shrubs. Such plants do not require a high degree of maintenance. Similarly, he has suggested that people use flora that does not require a lot of watering.

Further, Spencer has not confined his advice to practical measures, as he has said that it is a shrewd move to give a garden its own character. In particular, he has mentioned the possible impact of garden accessories on the perceptions of possible buyers. In addition, lighting can change the look of a property in the evenings.

It has also been reported that estate agents believe a garden can sometimes impact on property values by 20 per cent.