It’s commonplace for guests to have a bedroom with a bathroom en suite if they stay in a hotel, but such facilities are increasingly popular in people’s own homes.

There are several factors behind this trend. While there are plenty of different designs available, the things tempting individuals to bring in the builders are often similar. This is because this kind of architectural solution has the capacity to address several issues simultaneously.

A bit of luxury is attractive

Many consumers just want to spoil themselves. They like the idea of having an elegant feature in their home. As a result, they are prepared to accept the temporary disruption of building work in order to have something that has the potential to make them feel special.

Privacy matters

These days, some families have help around the house. Having a master bedroom with a bathroom en suite can help deliver privacy to a family with an au pair, for example. It is also the case that sharing a conventional bathroom when a family has guests to stay can feel uncomfortable. Therefore, concern for private space can influence a couple to have their living quarters adjusted.

The height of convenience

There are other practical considerations that make a bedroom with a bathroom en suite an attractive proposition to individuals. For instance, if someone wants to use the facilities in the middle of the night, then using an en suite bathroom is much more convenient than crossing an upstairs landing.

Value counts

Property values are important these days. A house is not just a home, it is an economic asset. The addition of an en suite bathroom to a property can add to the value of a house, particularly if the installation of the amenity is carried out with a high degree of skill.