While it can be a great hobby, if people are not really careful with DIY they can end up out of pocket. Inexperienced individuals may even injure themselves by undertaking projects far beyond their aptitude.

If homeowners are in any doubt about a job, they should ask for assistance from a local builder. This is the best way of protecting themselves from potentially costly mishaps.

Down the years, quite a lot of research has been conducted into the expenses associated with DIY errors. Various reports have underlined the importance of not being too ambitious or foolhardy. It is easy to get carried away before the start of a new project, so the following points are definitely worthy of reflection:

Unnecessary expenses

A survey by Lloyds Bank has looked into the issue of DIY mistakes. It found that about 10 per cent of the sample incurred financial losses after undertaking a project without proper assistance. It also discovered that a homeowner could end up paying twice what they should as a result of not using an appropriate expert in the first instance.

It is clear that trying to take shortcuts is a false economy. While the national economic recovery has gathered pace, not many consumers have spare cash to waste. Most people can find better things to spend their money on than repairs necessitated by incompetence at DIY.

Avoiding going to hospital

A report by Allianz Insurance once made reference to an estimate from the Society for the Prevention of Accidents. This body had suggested that approximately 200,000 British citizens went to hospital each year in the aftermath of a DIY attempt.

Perhaps some television programmes are in part responsible for a happy-go-lucky attitude, because the difficulty of tasks is not always conveyed by the presenters on screen. The report concluded that the figure was so high because individuals often lacked experience or the necessary tools.

Inadequate preparation hurts

Many blunders are the consequence of insufficient preparation. Some people fail to get the results they want because of failing to make accurate measurements, for example. Others have disappointing outcomes because they try to rush a job.

Nonetheless, some problems do flow from a lack of attention to the basics of health and safety. Amateurs can be influenced by aspects of popular culture, and some journalists have attacked the importance of health and safety. If DIY is performed with the wrong attitude, a lot of good fortune is required for no harm to be done.