A consultation, set to last for four weeks, has been proposed to begin tomorrow (May 3) when Crewe residents will be asked to express their views on certain housing sites previously not appearing in the public domain.

Anyone seeking to relocate elsewhere in the region may have one eye on a kitchen renovation in Cheshire. The council will, of course, be hoping for a more practical response.

As part of its ‘Local Plan’, Cheshire East Council has expressed commitment to a development-led approach with an emphasis on planning with a view to securing homes, infrastructure and jobs that will provide the borough with some stability in the future.

Cheshire East Council deputy leader, Councillor David Brown, said that all options need to be considered properly in order for the Council to feel confident that it has selected the right sites, although he made it clear that the Council has yet to make a decision on whether it is to give the development its backing. He said:

“We have to ensure that alternatives are considered and will have to pass sustainability and environmental tests before any are accepted as part of our wider consideration of the Local Plan.”

He went on to say that the Council went through a considerable amount of consultation on the plan earlier in 2013, and saw 10,000 comments come back. Some were proposing alternative suggestions for development sites that did not appear in earlier plans, and that the public should be made aware of them.