Cheshire East Borough Council has unveiled its intention to develop housing on green belt land in its most recent draft plan, which includes a new Lyme Green site.

The Cheshire East Local Plan outlines a 20-year development and features modifications from a previous draft at the beginning of the year.

Land residing between Chelford Road and Congleton Road, which were designated for a possible 3,000 houses, is not regarded as being under threat anymore. Cheshire builders should be keeping abreast of the latest news on the project, with plenty of work to be completed throughout the course of the development.

However, there is no change in the plans for it to be taken out of the green belt land area and safeguarded, which means that it is set for development soon after 2030.

One area close to Gawsworth Road is set to see 150 new homes erected immediately.

Brian Horan from Gawsworth Parish Council spoke out about the development on green belt land, saying:

“We’re not convinced of evidence for all these houses, especially in light of extra houses coming on the market with the AstraZeneca move.

“The land may be safeguarded for now, but this is just delaying its development. Green belt is green belt, it’s not ours to give away, it’s for our grandchildren.”

Included in the draft is a Lyme Green green belt space at Gaw End Lane, which was set to house a waste transferring facility before council plans fell flat.