The kitchen is often the centre of family life. However, too many people have cooking spaces that do not look the part, making performing routine tasks more awkward than they need be.

This reason alone could partly explain why the average person is spending less time cooking than they did back in 1980, but looking at these points in more detail may help to illuminate when a kitchen refurbishment is a great idea:

Aesthetics matter

Cooking should be a pleasurable experience, and people are more likely to produce tasty and healthy food in an environment that looks clean and new. When a kitchen has passed its best, it can be hard for someone to motivate themselves when it comes to preparing meals. If the cupboards look battered and the surfaces always appear dirty, it can seem like the most sensible option is to prepare some ready meals or eat out. However, such habits can be hard to break, so anything that inspires you to get cooking is a plus.

Functionality is essential

A kitchen that is not fit for purpose can be highly frustrating, whether this means cramped conditions, poor lighting or ancient appliances. A recent survey even found that about 890 million sandwiches are consumed every year in the UK as a substitute for a conventional evening meal. However, while many people might just find it easier to give up, a kitchen renovation can bring that spark back to the place.

Start the day off right

Scientific research has highlighted how important breakfast is in nutritional terms, but if a family is deterred from eating at home by a gloomy kitchen, they are more likely to consume unhealthy food elsewhere. A kitchen renovation could transform the space greatly, making it into a place where people enjoy eating and speaking to one another once more.