Building work on an adult hospice in Cambridgeshire has recently commenced and the project could inspire architects elsewhere.

A range of important people attended the beginning of the construction work on the site where an act of dedication took place. The religious and secular guests witnessed the start of a scheme which should involve total expenditure of approximately £10.5 million.

A facility with 24 beds will eventually be opened during the latter half of next year. The Arthur Rank Hospice, located within Shelford Bottom, could prove to be of considerable interest to builders in Chester, for example. Lynn Morgan, the chief executive of the charity behind the project, has told Cambridge News:

“The Act of Dedication was a special occasion for the charity, as we pride ourselves on delivering excellent care regardless of religion, background or wealth. Our services are completely free of charge to those who require them and we hope this act will further illustrate that our care is accessible to people in all walks of life throughout Cambridgeshire.”

The hospice is in the process of being built by Barnes Construction. This organisation has secured several prizes for its efforts in the past. Munro Building Services and Northmore Associates have also been contributing to the venture. LSI Architects has designed the structure in question.

A local appeal called ‘Help our Hospice’ has already raised comfortably over £100,000 for the charity which will be housed in the building. This money has been allocated towards fitting out individual rooms and in-patient bays.