Final plans drawn up for a development with 1,100 homes on the edge of Nantwich are due to be submitted by August. All being well, there will be an upsurge in loft conversions in Cheshire sooner rather than later.

Mosaic Estates and Reaseheath College have carefully prepared proposals over the last 15 years.

Receipt of the submission was confirmed by Cheshire East Council, which is processing it right now to be on the council website in order for residents of the area to view, as well as make comments on.

Town residents and council chiefs have offered an indication that they support plans by the college. Meredydd David, principal of Reaseheath College, said:

“We are hopeful that our plans to develop Kingsley Fields will be identified as the preferred scheme for the local authority’s strategic housing plan and will be approved by the local authority in due course.”

She went on to say that the college has worked alongside the local Worleston and Acton councils, along with Nantwich Town Council, and it has planned to offer a scheme that benefits everyone. She believes that the opportunity is a great one for investment of money in the locality with benefits to local businesses, commerce, and Reaseheath College, bringing employment opportunities with it.

In addition to the housing, included in the proposal is small business land with links to a community centre, primary school, retail centre and college. Further, there would be an outdoor gym and an open area for a children’s playground.