The council has received a plea from villagers to look into a planning process by Cheshire West after feeling that the authority has let them down.

Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) was presented with a petition by Moulton Resident Group, who questioned the process, stating that over 140 residents believe that there are flaws as it currently stands.

David Tunstall, one of the residents, spoke to the council directly and said:

“This process should be grounded in fairness and impartiality. Fundamentally it must be objective and not subjective.

“There are five key elements in the planning process. The planning process fails if any one of these single elements does not deliver accurate information.”

He went on to say that elected members should not have to make significant decisions regarding planning without accurate information at hand and that public concerns should be investigated fully and not be exposed to consultee comments.

The campaign comes after months of battling plans for a 148-home estate in Moulton. The CWAC deferred the plans last month to secure further information regarding the their impact on education. If it goes ahead, there can be expected to be a spike in kitchen renovations in Chester.

Following the presentation by Mr Tunstall, CWAC councillor Elton Watson, requested of the Corporate Scrutiny Committee that the issue be investigated. Councillor Eveleigh Moore Sutton agreed that it will be on the next committee meeting’s agenda but that the decisions made may not change, even after the investigation.