Research has shown that DIY skills in the UK may have declined in the last few years, and there are various explanations as to why this might be the case. The worrying truth is that if people undertake tasks that are beyond them, they may not be able to fix the damage without spending quite a lot of money. As a result, it is a good idea for individuals to know their limitations, and there is no shame in getting assistance from a professional builder in the first place.

A potential generation gap

A report produced by a UK home insurance company has underlined that young people are not always as confident about basic DIY as their parents were. This trend has been illustrated by the fact that some prominent DIY chains have been struggling financially, despite the national economic recovery.

While it is possible for some adults to pick up some basic tips from skilled parents, modern mobility patterns mean that this is not practical for everyone. If serious building work has to be done, it is best to get assistance from an experienced individual with genuine expertise.

Altering gender roles

There has been some speculation that the dip in DIY capacity in the UK has been the consequence of changes in the allocation of work between men and women. This explanation for a complex trend seems to be somewhat simplistic, as it neglects the fact that it is much more common nowadays for women to have DIY skills than it was in the past. Many contemporary homeowners of both sexes perceive DIY in terms of tasteful design, instead of in terms of practical activities.

It might be accurate to suggest that the jobs most people do today are less labour intensive than the jobs of the past. Whatever the precise impact of shifts in the behaviour of men and women, the need for specialist assistance with building work is hard to doubt.