A project which involved the development of more than 40 properties in Brombourgh is now complete after a housing association purchased the land some 26 years ago.

With the work now finished, home buyers can, at last, look to settle in the region. Companies providing loft conversions on the Wirral are also expecting demand to rise.

Bromborough Pool is among the earliest industrial villages in the UK, and was developed to house the workers from the nearby candle factories in 1854.

Even before the 40 new additions, the area was home to more than 40 listed buildings.

The association invested £5 million into the development with one fifth of the finance coming from Ben Corless Sykes’ trustees, who invested in order to ensure that the work would go ahead.

The slow progress was down to strict regulations surrounding the refurbishment work which could take place in the homes.

Riverside, however, was determined that the project would be successful and ensured that all of its plans fulfilled the necessary criteria.

The association’s business and sales negotiator, Jennifer Bailey, clearly has no regrets over the scheme, despite the delays. He said:

“Everyone who has been involved in this agrees all the hard work has been worth it.

“The development has been a success with purchasers; 17 out of the 26 three-bedroom houses available have now been reserved.”

Ben Corless Sykes was a philanthropist and architect based in Lancashire who stated before his passing that his money should be invested in houses with sufficient land for growing vegetables.