An Adelaide mansion has been refurbished in a manner that has drawn a comparison with Channel 4 programme ‘Grand Designs’.

The building was once owned by Sir Frederick Holder, a prominent 19th-Century politician, and is now occupied by tech entrepreneur Simon Hackett. The extensive work on the structure may inspire people internationally and those engaged in home renovation in Cheshire could be impressed by what the architects have achieved.

Hackett said:

“It is such a beautiful property that had been extended and maintained quite haphazardly over the years. We wanted these renovations to make this an Adelaide landmark building for the next 100 years.”

Williams Burton Architects and Anna Hackett cooperated on the project. The basic idea was to make the residence appropriate for modern life. The team referenced Grand Designs when discussing what had been done.

The original building was constructed out of sandstone and bluestone. Construction was completed back in 1865, but other structures were added to the complex at a later date. A bridge was then put up to join the separate parts together.

All four component sections of the mansion have been renovated in a process that took two years. The roofs were replaced, as were the uneven floors. Two lifts were put in so that wheelchair access has been enabled.

There had been an effort to transform the building back in the 1980s, and the legacy of this attempt meant that work was necessary with regard to some concrete. The use of appropriate mortar has resolved this issue.