A planning application for 95 houses to be built in Alsager has been deferred by Cheshire East.

The decision made last May to reject the application has been appealed against, with a new consultation scheduled for February 11.

The strategic planning board of the council has deferred the application until more information regarding highway issues is available. There will be others who will no doubt be hoping the appeal is upheld, such as joiners and builders in Cheshire looking for work to be getting their teeth into.

Councillor for Alsager Town, Derek Longhurst, said at the meeting:

“If we take Dunnocksfold, the infrastructure delivery plan produced by Cheshire East Council indicates that with the junction of Dunnocksfold and Hassall Road and Church Road – which is a small mini-roundabout – if there is substantial development in this area it would be operating above capacity.”

Derek Hough, a member of the strategic planning board, believes that the issues regarding highways are valid and asked for a deferment until an evaluation of transport was complete.

Rod Fletcher, Ward Councillor, said that Alsager Town Strategy understands that as many as 1,000 homes could be developed over the next 16 years, with priority for brownfield sites. With some applications having already been granted approval and ready to be given the green light to start, the number has been identified.

Planning officers from Cheshire East have recommended that the application should be approved. Councillors have deferred it by nine to six votes due to insufficient information regarding highways grounds.