A recent survey by the estate agency industry has suggested that as much as £14,000 can be added to the value of a home through the addition of a bedroom. The fact that increasing space, and particularly bedroom space, increases value may not be a surprise, but the amount by which it can increase it might raise a few eyebrows.

It is not just a bedroom that can boost the property’s value though; a loft conversion and extra living area can all add over £10,000 too. It just goes to show that completing home renovation and redecorating projects can really be worth it.

Where to add an extra bedroom

By far the most common place to add another bedroom in the house is upstairs. This makes sense of course, as it is a cultural tradition in the UK that bedrooms are to be found upstairs. More than this though, it just makes sense to have the extra room close to where the others are.

Finding space here is not always easy, of course, but there are usually options available.

Divide and conquer

One great way to create an extra bedroom is to split an existing one in two, where space allows of course.

In many homes, the main bedroom can take up a lot of space, which can often be completely underused. Putting up a partition wall and creating two rooms from one can often deliver a really effective solution; maximising space and adding value without incurring a great deal of extra costs.

As long as both rooms have adequate light and ventilation, through their own windows ideally, everything should be fine for a reputable local building firm.

Convert the space

A great way to create an extra bedroom is to use the loft or attic space of course. Many homes throughout the country have managed to create one or more bedrooms through loft conversions, adding value and convenience to the property in one swoop.

It can be a very cheap and straightforward process too; simply converting the space into a habitable space without much structural work needed.

For example, through the use of skylight windows in the eaves, a great kids’ bedroom and play area can appear within a day. There is limited head space, of course, so building out the roof area can deliver far roomier results.

Asking local builders about their opinion on dormer windows and full conversions can reveal just what can be achieved with a full project. With the potential for two or more rooms, plus en-suite bathrooms, it’s a great way to create a fully enclosed private area and add a lot of value.

Whatever way a loft is converted, it is essential that good access be delivered, to ensure building regulations are approved for it to be used as a permanent living area.

These are only a couple of the most common ways to add an extra bedroom to the house, but there are still others. Downstairs, garages can be converted out for example, while newly built single-storey extensions too can work well, as can cellar conversions where possible.